Copenhagen Investiture

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Dear Fred,


Attached are some images from the Copenhagen Investiture which were taken by Monica Dalgleish.


I had thought that some other people had taken photos but I’m not sure who they were.  I can’t actually open the bulk of the photos so I have copied them to Harald who may be able to help with identities.  The only one I could open was the .jpg which was of Fr. Klaas [NOT SURE OF MY SPELLING].


Some blurb for Copenhagen could be:


Members of the Priories of Denmark and Norway and their guests gathered at the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in a very hot and sunny Copenhagen on the 24th May 2014 for the Grand Priory of Scandinavia Investiture. Many stayed at the hotel, which is the work of the celebrated designer Arne Jacobsen and perfectly positioned close to Tivoli Gardens and Central Station.


The Investiture was conducted by the Grand Commander, HE Conventual Bailiff Anthony Sheill GCSJ CMSJ MSSJ and Meritorious Service Medals were presented on behalf of the Grand Master by the Ambassador to the United Kingdom, HE Bailiff Alastair Redpath-Stevens GCSJ OMSJ.


At the Investiture Banquet, the Grand Marshal, HE Bailiff Harald Løvheim GCSJ OMSJ, presented the Grand Commander with a large portrait painted by Chev. [FRED – HARALD SHOULD BE ABLE TO PROVIDE THE NAME AT IT ESCAPES ME FOR THE PRESENT].  The Grand Commander expressed his gratitude to the Grand Priory and explained that it was now very clear to him why the Registrar General had been so keen to take a series of photographs from various odd angles!

The Grand Prior, HE Bailiff Morten Skolmo GCSJ, expressed his thanks to everyone for attending the Investiture before confirming that he would be standing down in the late Autumn. He was warmly thanked for all of the work that he had done for the Grand Priory before it was announced that the Grand Master had approved the appointment of the current Prior of Denmark, Chev. Poul Heile Pedersen as his successor.


The award, had there been one, for the person who had travelled the longest distance to attend would surely have gone to Chev. Barnie McKinnon KSJ [FRED- NOT SURE IF THESE ARE THE CORRECT POSTNOMINALS BUT THOUGHT THE PLUG WOULD BE GOOD] from the Independent Priory of New South Wales.  Despite the long distance, his humour and enthusiasm were as cracking as his shirts.


This was the second Investiture in Copenhagen and it was every bit as good as the first. Long may the tradition continue and the Grand Priory of Scandinavia flourish.

Fred – possible blurb for England:


The Priory of England Patronal Feast Day took place on the 21st June 2014 in the presence of the Grand Master, HRH Prince Karl Vladimir Karadjordjevic of Yugoslavia GCSJ and Grand Dame HRH Princess Brigitta of Yugoslavia GDSJ.


Members and their guests gathered in the beautiful and historic Church of St Margaret, Lothbury in the City of London.  The original church, built in the 12th Century, was rebuilt in 1440 but destroyed by the Great Fire of 1666.  The current church designed by Sir Christopher Wren, was completed in 1692.  The organist, Chev. David Roberts-Jones KSJ, was delighted to learn that the organ had been played by Felix Mendelssohn!


During the service, Grand Dame Elizabeth Carey-Sheill GDSJ was installed as the Prior of the Priory of England by the Grand Master.  After the Mass,

conducted by the Priory Chaplain, Chev. Bishop Paul Hendricks GCSJ, with the gracious permission of the Bishop of London, an official reception was held outside in the Church’s Courtyard Garden during which the Grand Master presented copies of the Jubilee Presentation Medal to the sculptor of the Medal, Mr. Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS, the Keeper of Coins and Medals at the British Museum, Mr. Phillip Atwood and the Keeper of Coins and Medals at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Mr. Adrian Popescu. The Grand Master also took the opportunity to thank Mr. Tim Fattorini for the wonderful work his company had done in striking the Medals and the Secretary General for his persistence and determination in seeing the project through.


The members of the Priory are now looking forward very much to the Priory Investiture on the 11th October 2014 which will be attended by the Grand Master and Princess Brigitta as well as by the Grand Marshal HE Bailiff Harald Løvheim GCSJ OMSJ, who had also travelled to London for the Feast Day Celebrations, and the Grand Prior, HE Bailiff Alex Dalgleish GCSJ MMSJ.

About Shane and Sally-Ann:


The Grand Master has been pleased to bestow the Cross of Merit on the Grand Chancellor, HE Conventual Bailiff Shane Hough GCSJ OMSJ.  The Grand Master has also been pleased to bestow the Cross of Merit with Crown on Dame Sally-Ann Hough DCSJ [FRED YOU’LL NEED TO CHECK THIS AS I CAN’T REMEMBER IF SALLY-ANN WAS A DAME COMMANDER OF GRACE BEFORE SHE BECAME A DAME OF JUSTICE] CMSJ.  The medals and diplomas will be presented in London in July 2014.


Kind regards,